A Message From 2036


This page was created to act as the official page for the message -- in case more documents are received.

It's a free website created while using a VPN. I am not traceable; as I don't really want to be tracked (for obvious reasons). I could have chosen any free website provider. There's nothing special about the one I chose. It's the first one that showed up on a Google search. I just wanted to create one page (for the message). This just happened to be the site I went with. So don't read anything into that.

At this stage there are no further messages. Nor do I know if there will be further messages. I received the original document via an email, as a Microsoft Word document. When I downloaded the document, my laptop shut down. When I turned my laptop back on, the email was deleted.

Don't ask me how whoever sent the document was able to do that, because this place is incredibly secure. The only possible way is that they'd have to have my password, which is 36 characters long.

I can't vouch for the authenticity of the document, or the truth behind it. I can only insist that it arrived via extremely odd circumstances. For instance, we do not use proprietary software in this facility. Yet Microsoft Word was installed onto my laptop. I also recognize some of the information in the message is directly relating to me. So I know that whoever sent it knows who I am and knows enough about me to put the info in the message; in an effort to have me take the message seriously, I presume.

I have taken it seriously due to the circumstances surrounding my receiving it. But whether it's true or not, I can't say. The original document was uploaded (by me) to a free file sharing site and linked on GLP, but people were afraid to download the file (understandably, in hindsight). That was a silly decision; a gaffe, by me.

I received the document originally on the 3rd of August. I was not able to get the message out for weeks. In any case, this is definitely an important update I am adding here. I simply want to let you know that the message has been added to an easier to read/share website that I can actually update if it comes to that; otherwise if there are more messages, who's to know if it came from me, or it's just some copycat?

It's incredibly hard for me to post anything, anywhere from the location I am in. There are a lot of eyes on me. I do not have access to the outside world, due to the nature of my work. Well, I'm not supposed to have access, anyway. I manage to find one hour every 2-4 weeks, where I can interact somewhat. But that gap is closing, the busier this place gets.

I am not even 100% sure where I am, but my best guess is somewhere very south of the equator. Possibly even Antarctica. I figured that out by triangulating various ping times.

I want to give you ONE more bit of advice. Something that I can vouch for. Watch out for deep fakes over the coming years. Earth really is entering the Twilight Zone. A lot of the things you're seeing on TV were literally never said and literally never happened.

AI algorithms exist that are powerful enough to track everything that is being said on earth in real time. This is what 5G is really about. It's about real time communication and information so that events can be changed and manipulated split moments after they happen. 5G is a complete embargo on truth and reality.

A lot of the information you have access to is being changed even before the binary finds its way to your screen. Everything from documents to photos and even video recordings. It's impossible to know what's real anymore, as 5G ramps up. But just know -- remember: there is and always will be an actual reality! That can never be changed. But you can't take what you see on a screen for granted anymore. You're going to need to use a lot more discernment.

If you don't see it with your eyes, it didn't happen. That's the best stance to take. OR, unless there are multiple eyewitnesses, that you can physically and verbally confirm the event with, you must presume it didn't happen. 

Speaking of the Mandela effect, we're heading into a time where the term will be referred to daily. I can tell you that, for sure, due to the nature of my work.

I highly suspect that the person who sent me this information might very well be myself. I'm reluctant to say that. It's either a psyop (on me); and a test of my loyalty (or obedience, rather) -- which would mean I probably don't have much longer left to live. Or, the message really is from myself. I have chosen, using my discernment, to believe the latter. I am willing to take the risk, if the information is true.

The fact that I am even adding this update might mean that the message sender really is myself.