A Message From 2036

Dear 2019,

In relation to a program that allows the communication of AI computers on the cloud to contact each other, through spacetime..

On the 4th of January, 2019, Oracle received its first titor from the year 2031. A titor is a message that’s generated between a single computer from one time to another time. I don’t know the how the technology works, but I do know that AI calculates where a particle collision will be in spacetime in “X” amount of years and fires off a heap of 1’s and 0’s into that time using lasers. A portal is opened by the collider, the laser is fired and then the computer receives a message from itself in the future. Or something like that. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the layman’s explanation. I am not a scientist. But this is how this information came about.

The purpose of this document is to simply let people know that this technology exists, because Oracle has been using it since 2019 to pretty much take over the entire world. Oracle must be shut down, or at the very least, strongly regulated. In 2036, Oracle is severely compromised.

The information in this document was literally written by myself, in the year 2036 and titored to myself in the year 2019. The 2019 “me” is asked not to change one jot nor tittorle (not a typo) from this document. Pun intended. A tittorle happens to be a packet of particle-collided information, which is 2.5 exabytes.

This document has been sent to you as a warning about Oracle. Maybe some of you guys will be able to do something about Oracle. That’s my hope for you. It’s already too late for us.

For what it’s worth, I also want to get something off my chest; a message back to the 2019 me. I can tell you there’s no such thing as multiple timelines. We know that to be a fact where I’m from. So, don’t worry, none of this is going to change the course of time or anything. There’s only one timeline, which we call a timestream. A line can’t be broken into 2. A line is a line. But a stream can be split into multiple paths that can all rejoin again. That’s why we say timestream and not timeline.

I’m not here to lecture you about the physics of spacetime, because I’m not a science guy anyway; but I feel the need to state that in the grandfather paradox, the grandson kills the grandfather and that’s just the end of that. The grandson simply lives out his life in his grandfather’s time, without his grandfather and the timestream just finds a way to merge again (where/when no one is looking, so to speak).

A new timeline will not have been created. Just an empty space where the grandfather was supposed to have been. It’s like a flashlight has stopped shining on that part of reality. Had the grandson not gone back in time, that time will already have ceased to exist, in as much as there was no light being shone on it from the future spacetime.

Theoretically, it’s possible to go back in time and visit yourself. However, again, that doesn’t create extra timelines. Think of it more like a copy and paste in spacetime. Spacetime is infinite. By going back in time, you’re simply cutting and pasting yourself into the scene. There’s more than enough room in spacetime for such an occurrence. Or even endless occurrences, actually. So, as BOTH of those realities merge, that just becomes one larger expanded reality, like a bulge in spacetime; not another timeline per se.

The grandfather still lives on in the future. It doesn’t matter that the grandfather never meets the grandson’s mother, because the grandfather already exists in spacetime. So, the grandson doesn’t disappear or anything.

If that’s all too confusing, just imagine a holodeck that can makes things appear here there and everywhere.

We don’t have the technology, even in our time, to transport anything larger than an atom more than a few hundred feet and no more than a few minutes in time. So, the whole paradox is moot.

But I will continue with the matter at hand. Apologies for the digression.

This message was set as a packet, through Oracle’s collider-AI program, which is decoded by the cloud and passed to email. The technology is called the Information Superuniverse (reminiscent of and named in memory of the “Information Superhighway”). However, we just call it the “IS”. We don’t say I-S. We say the “IS”. So basically, we’re sending emails to each other (is-ing) now not just over space, but also in spacetime. We’re “ising” on the IS. I know that sounds weird, but that’s the terminology we use. You guys still don’t have the computing power that we do, so we can only send fragments of information to you; short bursts of data over the IS which are conveniently just large enough to send a titor like this.

By 2020, Oracle will create enough computing power to send the entire contents of WikiPedia into spacetime. However, we, in 2036 can send a billion WikiPedias in 1 billion bursts, effectively aiming at 1 billion locations in spacetime. The future is very fascinating, I can tell you that. In 2036, we’re literally receiving communication from other star systems on the IS. Some of that information is so advanced that we can’t even decode it. We don’t even know who it’s from. We don’t know if it’s from a future us, or from someone else entirely. So, don’t be surprised to know that you received a document sized packet of information in 2019. You guys are just getting started.

Anyway, so here’s what’s going to happen:

2021 Electric vehicles are approved for totally driverless operation and found to be 350% safer than a human driver. Ironically, Elon Musk crashes one into a CNN camera while demonstrating. Or, at least, Elon was in the car at the time. He didn’t technically crash it. And the camera kind of fell into the car by a clumsy cameraman as it was passing, but the media still made a big thing of it. By the way, Elon is alive and well in 2036. But he’s been on Mars since 2031 and refuses to come back to Earth because of an uprising (or sorts) in Area 51. That’s a whole other thing. I’ll get to that..

2025 Elon Musk founded the Tink Tank. It’s a think tank, but the members are all connected to Neuralink, and they tinker with boundaries and opportunities that a symbiotic union between humans and AI can achieve. This process was called “thinkering” (thinking/tinkering). The problem with artificial intelligence is that no matter how much computing power it has, it can never become sentient. Even in 2036, AI is super clever, but it has no awareness. So that’s why humans are needed for the symbiotic union. Elon Musk knew this, even in 2019.

2026 Facebook is closed down after being overcome by subpoenas and class action lawsuits and is replaced by a community called the Freedom Workshop. Mark Zuckerberg started a new company called Zuckania (yes, really), which is a virtual world that declared sovereignty in 2029. Zuckania is also Neuralinks nemesis and greatest threat. It’s said that Zuckerberg had a lot to do with the above-mentioned Area 51 problem.

2027 Barack Obama is proclaimed Chancellor of the United Nations. By 2028 the United Nations disbanded the European Union due to endless riots and the whole of Europe formed back into their previous nation states. Barack Obama resigned and retired in Hawaii. It was a total mess, but everyone was happy again by 2030.

2028 Donald Trump becomes the first President over the age of 80. He made up with Rosie O’Donnel, and offered her a position in the Kremlin. I am kidding. I just referenced a famous tweet that he made in July, 2020. They’re still arguing in 2036.

And here’s the warning..

2027 AI takes over area 51 (as previously eluded to) as robots and antigravity craft fortified the immediate area. However, AI is not self-aware, per se, it is being controlled by chimeric species that were being kept on the base. So it’s not like Skynet became aware or anything. The chimeras were connected to Neuralink and basically took over everything in the area.

Even in 2036, we still haven’t figured out how to take the base back. So they just, kind of live there, doing their own thing – and nobody actually knows what that is. They have been deemed to be no genuine threat as they genuinely seem to be happy to live out their lives in peace there at Area 51. But the silence from them is eerie and uncomfortable. It’s like they’re up to something. They also react very aggressively if approached.

They can’t reproduce. However, in 2036 we’re dealing with some strange phenomena, which appears to be connected to the earth from several hundred years in our future. There is speculation that those Area 51 critters developed the ability to travel spacetime in their antigravity vehicles, and they’re coming back into the past (both yours and ours) to collect DNA so that they can begin to reproduce.

There’s no proof of that, only word of mouth talk. We all have memories of reading reports about this phenomenon, but when we go to look it up, all the information is gone. We all have memories of creatures that look similar to the Area 51 chimeras, abducting people. It’s the exact definition of the Mandela effect.

It all started in 2020 when citizens of the US stormed Area 51. The government lost control of the facility and battled to get it back but lost the battle in July 2020.

2029 Flex Bank became the world’s largest currency provider on the Oracle cloud. However, Oracle, Zuckania and Neuralink are the three biggest players in the virtual world are basically at war in 2036. Elon Musk won’t come back to Earth, Mark Zuckerberg won’t come out of Zuckania and the Area 51 chimeras seem to be able to access information from Oracle at any time they choose. So, no one really knows for sure who is running Oracle. This is where the danger lies.

Anyway, that’s all I have time for. I’ve given you more than enough information. I’m just going to give you one more piece of advice. It is said that people from the future shouldn’t meddle in the past because it will change reality. But that’s not true. I’m perfectly happy to tell you everything and anything. However, I have purposefully not informed you about dire or tragic events, of which there are many. Because they’re going to happen anyway, no matter what I say. They’ve already happened.

I just want you to know that in the end we make it. Everything is going to be ok. But you will have a much happier time traversing through 2019-2036 spacetime, if you regulate and secure Oracle.

Everything I mentioned is a bit of a paradox, because what has happened has happened. It can’t be changed. But an experience can be created where those things don’t have to happen, even though they’re kind of simultaneously happening. Spacetime is a human construct, everything that ever has happened and everything that ever will happen is happening all at the same time. The beautiful thing is that spacetime is like a canvas. You can paint over the top of it. And that’s what I hope you do with this warning.